It is the speciality that commissions of the studio, prevention diagnostic and treatment of the alterations of form, position and function of the teeth and the bones that endure them.

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It is focused to boys of mixed dentition preferably. This is when the boy has in mouth some permanent teeth and others of milk.

We plant devices that help to guide the wrong osseous growth, as for example: narrow palates, bitten invested or open, bad lingual posture… etc.

The treatment of orthodontics serves to correct the teeth that are in bad position recobrando his function masticatoria, his natural and aesthetic position. The aim of the treatment ortodontico is that each tooth have a specific position in harmony with the lips, cheeks, tongue and the other teeth. When establishing this balance, the teeth worked correctly achieving a dental and facial aesthetics.

In our surgery will advise you of the best treatment to solve your problems of occlusion 

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